Happy Valentine’s Day from JNC

Fall in love with the Nissan Skyline 1800 this Valentine’s Day. This series of commercials from the late 1960s can’t get any more romantic, with a walk along the beach, warming up in front of a fireplace, and attempts to push a cow out of the road — all made possible with the Nissan Skyline. Happy Valentine’s Day from JNC

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5 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day from JNC

  1. Jon says:

    What, no Ken and Mary?

  2. XRaider says:

    Ai no Sukairain

  3. Samuel Ace says:

    Happy Valentine’s day JNC congrats thumbs up.

  4. Bob says:

    Was there supposed to be a link with this post to the commercials?

  5. Ben Hsu says:

    Sorry, the embed failed! Fixed now.

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