Happy Valentine’s Day from JNC

As is tradition on Valentine’s Day, Japanese chocolatier Kobe Frantz has released a set of highly realistic, 1:1 scale chocolate tools (1:64 Toyota 2000GT for scale). 

The set is called, appropriately, Car Mania Set version 6, and it costs about US$40. It includes a screwdriver, wrench, adjustable wrench, and pliers. A ratchet and socket are the latest additions to the lineup. It’s not a bad price, but more expensive than actual Harbor Freight counterparts.

You can also buy each tool individually if you’ve lost one from your set (or, you know, eaten it). Sadly, they are apparently only available in Japan but you can see them all at the Kobe Frantz website and drool over them anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day from JNC!

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  1. John Moran says:

    Well that could certainly put a wrench in my diet plans.

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