Happy TA22 Day from JNC

Later this year, the original Toyota Celica will celebrate its 50th birthday. Perhaps we should paint one eye of a little red Japanese doll, set it on our shelf, and paint the other one when the Celica joins the 50 year club. Happy TA22 Day from JNC!

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6 Responses to Happy TA22 Day from JNC

  1. Bob says:

    I guess I missed RA21 day as well?

  2. Socarboy says:

    I often have thought Toyota missed an opportunity to take the Lexus RC series and reincarnate it as the Celica to battle Mustang & Camaro

  3. Nigel says:

    Happy upcoming 50th to the Daruma !!

  4. Still driving my ta22 lmq yy for 36 jears now sugoi!!
    Nico the netherlands

  5. Stil driving my 1973 original gt here in summerseason for 36 years now keep it up everybody regards from the netherlands

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