Happy S30 Day from JNC

We need to take a quick poll, guys. Today is May 30, or 5/30, or S30 in leet speak. So, a day to celebrate the first-generation Nissan Fairlady Z, then? However, in some corners of Z fandom S30 day is celebrated on the last day of September, or “S 30,” which is just as valid! Which day should we celebrate the gloriousness of Nissan’s game-changing sports car?

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3 Responses to Happy S30 Day from JNC

  1. Tom Westmacott says:

    Great example chosen for the pic 🙂

    I would argue for 30th September, for three reasons. Firstly, it’s more ‘obvious’ than turning an S into a 5; a bit like a joke if you have to explain it then it doesn’t work. Secondly, the calendar is a bit crowded in the early part of the year, with 5/10 and so on already in May, whereas the later, higher-numbered months have fewer car days connected with them already. Finally, the S30 was publicly announced in October 1969, so celebrating it on 30th September sets you up nicely for remembering the car’s launch shortly thereafter.

  2. CobaltFire says:

    Both. The car is epic enough to deserve two days.

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