Happy Presidents Day from JNC

As we all know from the Toyota Century, the most luxurious upholstery for your Japanese VIP sled is wool. The JG50 Nissan President also came standard with wool and silk fabrics slathering the interior, but if you really wanted, you could have a Connolly leather option. The price? Oh, only ¥900,000. That was equivalent to about $7,000 when the car debuted in 1990. You could also get Persian rug-style floot mats as a ¥300,000 option (over $2,300). Fancy! Happy Presidents Day from JNC!

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2 Responses to Happy Presidents Day from JNC

  1. Taylor C. says:

    I still think the G50 Q45 and President look so good. It’s the conventional three-box shape that really catches me. The simple and vertical headlight glass, I feel, is very handsome, and makes the car look very “professional” compared to modern multi-angle headlight shapes. The rear glass is also raked nicely, making the car look sleek, and the rear light bar is look is super 1990s. The 1989-1994 Nissan Maxima had that shape as well, which I was definitely a fan of as well. Of course, I’m not expert when it comes to critiquing cars, but who’s stopping me from pointing out some good design cues?

  2. Mark F Newton-John says:

    If the Infiniti Q45 took the more conservative track like it’s Toyota Lexus LS400 competitor, it might have had more success. That grille less front with the filigree Infiniti logo just didn’t sit well with its target audience.

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