Happy National Dog Day from JNC

dog vintage city cabriolet wp2

Wow. Such design. So convertible. Much JDM. Many happy.

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4 Responses to Happy National Dog Day from JNC

  1. Jim Daniels says:

    The Akita is beautiful and in all white fairly rare, the Honda, well not so much.

  2. SHC says:

    I’d take the Honda over the dog, and I like dogs……….. cars don’t shed.

  3. Jim Daniels says:

    Akita’s shed twice a year, I’ve been dealing with the hair for 35 yr.. Akita’s are amazing dogs, the hair is a draw back but I have chosen to live with them despite the shedding. They are that amazing, but they are not for everyone. See my avatar for a photo of Duke standing on the tailgate of my Toyota Tundra, he is 125 lb of Americanized Akita (larger that they are bread in Japan) and sired by the number one Akita in America 9 years ago.

  4. jivecom says:

    I really love the url on that image. http://www.honda.co.jp/dog/

    Every carmaker should have a /dog/ on their official site
    I know exactly negative 5 words in Japanese so the page is a mystery to me, but seems to offer dog accessories? No idea, but the tagline “for happy drive, dog & you” could not be less true*

    *that’s actually not correct, dogs don’t like unsilenced rotaries as I can personally attest. please don’t put dogs in any unsilenced car, or in your truck bed while I’m writing PSAs

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