Happy National Dog Day from JNC

There once was a time when the nose of a Honda was lower than the eye-line of a medium-large dog. Maybe there’s some weird camera angle thing going on here, but the truth is not too far off. It’s no wonder they were known for excellent visibility (the car, that is). Happy National Dog Day from JNC.

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4 Responses to Happy National Dog Day from JNC

  1. Wil D says:


  2. BlitzPig says:

    If Hondas can be compared to our canine friends, I’d say the Shiba Inu or Kai Ken are the winners. I have spent much time around both of those rare in the US Japanese breeds, and like Hondas, they always make you want another one. And like these two breeds, Hondas are tidy, nimble, loyal, and have endearing personalities.

  3. L. P. says:

    God it’s nice to see a fit Doberman. People love making them fat and it’s disgusting.

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