Happy MS75 Day from JNC

With Toyota possibly introducing a weird four-door “coupe” for the next Crown, we thought it was a good time to celebrate the other oddball in the lineage. Today, 7/5, seems a good a day as any to honor the MS75, the coupe version of the controversial Kujira Crown. In almost 70 years of inoffensively styled sedans it was a standout for its avant-garde design. Hopefully the new Crown will have as much class as this one at some point in the future. Happy MS75 Day from JNC!

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2 Responses to Happy MS75 Day from JNC

  1. Crown says:

    No other like it!

  2. Mark F Newton-John says:

    I had ALWAYS wished my dad got a Crown instead of the 1970 RT40 Corona that he got, because the styling was so funky and cool to a teenaged boy at the time.
    Not thrilled with the Mark II at the time, it was just a bigger Corona.
    We really need the Crown in the US, the Avalon (like the Mark II) is just a bigger Camry.

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