Happy MA46 Day from JNC

With all the recent scuttlebutt about Supras both new and newly classic, we didn’t want to let April 6 pass by without mention of the Supra that started it all, the MA46. There’s a couple things to note about this spread from the 1978 Japanese brochure. First, the Celica XX, as it was called there, looks great in red. Second, we don’t know what Toyota was implying with the pair of heels by the driver’s door, but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t wholesome. What could it mean? May your MA46 Day be as happy as the owner of this Supra’s.

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6 Responses to Happy MA46 Day from JNC

  1. LB1 says:

    It meant that this car could get you laid.

  2. Mark Newton-John says:

    See the throwback to the 2000GT? The T-grille. They really should bring that back.

  3. Legacy-san says:

    It was only available at Toyota Corolla Store locations as the top luxury product to be an alternative to the Crown Coupe that was exclusive to Toyota Store locations and the Corona Mark II Coupe and Chaser Coupe, which were exclusive to Toyopet Store Japanese dealerships.

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