Happy Familia Day from JNC

Being cooped up at home under COVID-19 quarantine is a great way to spend some quality time with your family. It’s fitting, then, that today is Familia Day, also known as 323 Day. Be sure to tell your loved ones what good little kids they are (before you go insane arguing over what to watch on Netflix).

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7 Responses to Happy Familia Day from JNC

  1. GeorgeL says:

    I had a 1988 323 GTX that I bought new. Loved that car even though gas mileage was terrible and the transmission was a bit fragile. Kept it less than 2 years and eventually traded it on a 1991 Civic Si, which was a great car as well. Happy Familia Day!

  2. Dutch 1960 says:

    In the spirit of Familia Day, there is currently a very nice original pignose RX3 going for $36k, with 3 days to go, on EBay…

  3. Lee L says:

    When I was a kid my mom had a 6th Gen, aka mazda protege. It was grey and a 5 speed, manual windows, base model to the max. I remember the coolest thing was when we bought a mobile VCR that hung between the front seats. It probably had a 4 or 5 inch screen and a full size VCR hanging below. One of my best childhood memories is going to get the new Dragon Ball Z VHS release at Target, then watching it on the way home with my little brother. As soon as we got home we’d re-watch it.

  4. erik says:

    What a Great Little Car!

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