Happy E39A Day from JNC

We thought we’d throw Mitsubishi fans a little love today, March 9. Please excuse the grainy quality of this photo, as it is one of my own personal Galant VR-4, taken in 1992, before I had a digital camera.You might think, “This is a funny-looking BMW 5-Series.” Well, that’s what all the grey-market Hartge E30 drivers said to themselves after they took a sniff of the HKS exhaust blowing past them. Happy E39A Day!

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7 Responses to Happy E39A Day from JNC

  1. c1ph4 says:

    Nice, thanks a lot for this gem! Even loving the photo quality!

  2. Khoua says:

    I regret selling mine. I keep going on the ‘for sale’ threads in the GVR4 forum to drool over the super clean ones. (sighs), haha.

    Maybe there is still one being driven around somewhere that is still in excellent condition and has extremely low miles…being driven by an elderly couple O_o

    • Ricky says:

      Same here, I’m trying to look for my old car, pictured in the article. I have to look for the keys and pewter key fob which I kept. If anyone has a White 1991 no. 98? Sunroof, with equalizer, With holes on the fender for the oem sidemarkers and an AMG wire cover lmk!

      I think this one was elderly owned and survived unscathed:

  3. Hovork says:

    I regret not buying one cause of aftermarket AC.

  4. Christopher Huffine says:

    I own a ’91 GVR-4, #506, straight, clean, never crashed, 100% rust free 2 owner car, I bought from second owner, who only had it a year. In that year he did over $9000 in mods and upgrades at his tuner shop in Miami. He bought it from the original owner in Southern Cali. Currently has 114,000 on the clock, and is the sweetest car I’ve ever owned (out of about 70+ cars I’ve owned in the past 40 years), and one of the fastest, currently tuned for 364hp @ the wheels, but plan to build a fresh engine this summer, going for 700+ at the wheels. Also have a ’91 Eclipse GSX, same drivetrain, but no 4WS. Can’t beat Mitsubishi for strong running great handling reliable, fun cars!

  5. dbdr says:

    Don’t forget that todayis the 10th of March, K10 day! Tomorrow is the day of the K11 March, which joined the 25-year club last year!

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