Happy Doukoho Eve: Detonation! Violent Riders trailer

In honor of Doukoho Eve here’s your early Friday Video, the trailer for 1975’s Detonation! Violent Riders. Teruo Ishii’s bosozoku exploitation film arrived just as media frenzy surrounding Japan’s motorcycle gangs reached fever pitch. The plot follow two rival gangs vying for supremacy on the streets of Tokyo, and even featured a small role by a bearded Sonny Chiba.

Just over three years later November 22, 1978 would be the day a new Japanese traffic law changed to require motorcycle riders to wear helmets. The night before it went into effect, 3,000 bosozoku bikers and cars flooded the streets of Tokyo for one last hurrah.

That fateful night has become a memorial of sorts, with yearly Doukoho activities each year to commemorate what happened 34 years ago. For 2012 Doukoho falls on Thanksgiving, so when you’re headed to your turkey dinner remember to rev your zokusha and let your Godfather horns blare. Happy Doukoho Eve!

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4 Responses to Happy Doukoho Eve: Detonation! Violent Riders trailer

  1. coltspeed says:

    a white GTO & silver 1st Gen Galant Wagon!

  2. OkieRA29 says:

    I love how the only english word in the entire trailer is … SEX! I loved the Pam Grier-esque hair do!

  3. Victor says:

    Saw a Silver GSII RX2 at 31 seconds

  4. Tyler says:

    Bikes. “SEX!” Gratuitous explosions. This movie has it all. Is there a full version with subtitles or are we English speakers left in the dark?

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