Happy Bus Day from JNC

Do you dream of a 1980s Nissan that is rear-wheel-drive, is powered a turbocharged and intercooled straight-six engine putting out 325 horses, and has a one of those super-evocative model names that could have only emerged from the Bubble Era? Behold, the Space Arrow! Sure, it’s a bus, more specifically a Nissan Diesel P-RA46 which began production in 1985, but you’re certain to have the only one like it at the next meet. Today is National Bus Day in Japan, commemorating the running of the country’s first bus route in 1903. We at JNC wish you all a happy one.


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  1. socarboy says:

    Nissan Diesel eventually changed its name to UD Diesel. According to a Wikipedia article UD quit making buses in 2011. UD has passed through a few hands even having a short stint with Volvo Commercial Vehicles. According to the Wikipedia post Isuzu acquired UD this year (2021). The Wikipedia post is attached below.


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