Happy Birthday, Soichiro Honda

Soichiro Honda

If Soichiro Honda were alive today, he would be 110 years old. Here’s to the the man that gave us everything from SuperCubs to NSXes. Happy Birthday, Honda-san.

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8 Responses to Happy Birthday, Soichiro Honda

  1. Jim Simspson says:

    What a brilliant man to whom the car industry owes much gratitude…
    Appropriate to remember his birthday.

  2. SHC says:

    What an amazing man that built quite the international company that builds so many means of transportation. Here’s to you Soichiro Honda.

  3. Mercilessmings says:

    My HERO! Ftting that I am in Tokyo for his birthday!

    • SHC says:

      So where did serial number 1 end up at T.Mings? I visited the Honda Heritage Museum in Marysville and they don’t have it. I heard a rumor of where it might be, but I’d rather have it verified by yourself.

  4. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    I’m wondering if the various iterations of the Honda Cub might be the longest running production vehicle. I hope their foray into aviation is as successful with the Hondajet. I’m waiting to see the it and the Mitsubishi MRJ in real life soon.

    P.S. Anybody know of a painless way to get to Motegi and the Honda Collection Hall from downtown Tokyo? It’s kinda out there and I don’t have a car in Tokyo.

  5. SHC says:

    I’ve been told the most expedient way is by train, but don’t take my word for it since I’ve never been myself.

    • Negishi no Keibajo says:

      The nearest station is quite a ways away… & that’s after a long train ride. 🙁

      There seems to be a big gap to take a sulooough bus. They should really fix this for the Olympics. I guess I’ll just have to settle for the showroom in Aoyama for now.

      Hey, that’s a great idea for a “new” sport: Kart racing! All driver over equipment. Tiny hybrid karts complete with KERS, Atom Ariel type enclosed frames & spec (Honda) engines.

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