Happy birthday, Soichiro Honda

We’ve had a lot of bike stories this week, and it could not have been more appropriate. Soichiro Honda would be 111 years old if he were alive today. Though infamously tough as a boss, he left a legacy that persisted long after his passing in 1991 and was, above all else, a man who loved cars, bikes, and racing. Honda didn’t start out making something else first, whether it be planes, looms, or corks. He devoted his life to making engines.

This is a quote often attributed to Soichiro Honda, and it’s apt: “I think best when I have a wrench in my hands.” November 17 should be a national holiday devoted to working on your car or bike, even if it’s not a Honda.

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2 Responses to Happy birthday, Soichiro Honda

  1. SHC says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Honda….. your dream is alive.

  2. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    One of my favorite videos is from Honda. Their present Formula One woes notwithstanding, it connects with me; not perfect, sometimes error-prone, sometimes self doubting but somehow always finding a dream in things…


    Tanjobi Omedeto

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