Happy 99th Birthday, Mazda

Ninety-nine years ago, Toyo Kogyo Cork Company was established in Hiroshima, Japan. Though it’s had many ups and downs over the decades, that humble little firm would grow up to become one of the most innovative and enthusiast-oriented carmakers in the world. Here’s to 100 more.

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3 Responses to Happy 99th Birthday, Mazda

  1. Mohammed Azfer Saeed says:

    As someone who grew up learning to drive on a Mazda, I have a very soft spot for the company. Glad to see that it has been able to survive and compete against the biggest of the automotive companies. Hopefully, they’re able to bring back a true halo sports sedan or coupe to the North American market.

  2. darin smith says:

    Happy Birthday MAZDA! I miss my RWD/Sunroof 929, and the Huntsville Alabama plant will be up in future(80+mi) and at least I deal in the Hot wheels! Thanks-Smith ‘Hot wheels guy'(darin.smith2011@gmail.com).

  3. Zuhair Ahmed says:

    Mazda give us a rotary please

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