Happy 97th Birthday, Mazda!

Ninety-seven years ago today, the Toyo Kogyo Cork Company was founded in Hiroshima. The cork business wasn’t exactly brimming in a rapidly industrializing Japan, so they soon shifted to heavy equipment, including the Mazdago 3-wheeled truck. Then they made some weird cars without pistons and stuff. Happy 97th birthday, Mazda!

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4 Responses to Happy 97th Birthday, Mazda!

  1. Tim Eull says:

    Agreed! BRAPPY BIRTHDAY Mazda!!!

  2. Emuman says:

    Okay, my RX-8 failed the emission test today and maybe needs a new motor and cat, but happy birthday anyway!

  3. psyaddict says:

    happy birthday mazda, 4 years of building my fc3s tII, gonna start soon and hope everything is well 🙂

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