Happy 910 Day from JNC

Crack open a can of Coca-Cola Light and have a great September 10 with a photo of Nissan’s Super Silhouette Bluebird 910 race car. The 570PS monster won the championship in 1982 with Haruhito Yanagida behind the wheel. Memories of this badass Bluebird have outlasted its main sponsor, Coca-Cola Light, which ended sales in Japan in 1999. Happy 910 Day from JNC.

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2 Responses to Happy 910 Day from JNC

  1. misterk says:

    sorta cool but sorta goofy when you consider there typicaly only around 1/2 dozen of these ss cars in the field at any given time

  2. Zuhair Ahmed says:

    I’ve seen the last-gen bluebird sss sedan abandoned in a parking lot.

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