Happy 86th Birthday, Nissan!

On this day in 1934, Nissan as we know today was founded. To be fair, the companies that combined to form it were established long before. However, it was the 1933 merger of Kwaishinsha Motorcar Works established in 1911, Jitsuyo Jidosha Seizo established in 1919, and Tobata Casting Co. established in 1910, that ushered in the new era as Nissan Motor Company.

We’ve been talking a lot about Nissan’s uncertain future as the company faces financial hardships. But with unveiled a plan to weather the coming years, announced just last week and headlined by a new Z, it certainly feels like there’s another new era is coming. Happy 86th birthday, Nissan; here’s to many more.

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  1. Genda Nicolai Yturzaeta Iwakawa says:

    FYI: So Nissan began in the 1930s – 1933-1934 – then its also the same decade Toyota was established, just four in a half years later but the problem with that is because the history of Japanese car manufacturing TBH seems to be honestly lacking representation/support compared to those of other countries overseas, for examples are France and Germany and in fact with the former being the first to develop the car before the latter meant that the first car being driven in Japan was also French and that was the Panhard…

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