Happy 626 Day from JNC!

Many forget that the original Mazda 626 came in rear-wheel-drive and pillarless hardtop coupe form. If you can find them, they are typically pretty well preserved and fairly affordable. Perhaps you can adopt one today, this happy 626 Day!

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16 Responses to Happy 626 Day from JNC!

  1. BlitzPig says:

    Always liked the style of the first 626. The only thing it needed to attain epic status was an injected 13B.

  2. MattP says:

    Firstly, thank you for this excellent site!

    Secondly, thank you for reminding us of the timeless styling of the original Mazda 626. It can be easy to forget today how advanced this styling was when this model was released, and in my opinion it retains a classic, yet modern, elegance with not a line out of place. The simple yet comfortable interior sums up the era wonderfully, bringing back memories of hard yet functional plastic combined with velour softness. It shouldn’t work, but it did.

  3. Mark Newton-John says:

    There was the Roadpacer that looked like a Chevrolet Caprice that had the 13B.

  4. Mike in Long Beach says:

    I had a blue four door. It was a pretty good car for its day and a big upgrade from my previous car, a GLC.

  5. Jack Robinson says:

    I own a 83 626 GC, the model that followed.
    Love it lots, I use it everyday!
    Very underestimated car

  6. Joe Hornberger says:

    Happy 626 day! When I was really young, my uncle had a white 4-door. He drove the hell out of it, sold it to a beginning driver for $300; and drove the hell out of it. Great cars. Mazdas (especially the older and non-rotary powered ones) are underappreciated. I would love to buy another Mazda, had a 2010 Mazda 5 (with a 5-speed!); deeply regret getting rid of it.

  7. SY says:

    Hey all, I own a 82 Mazda 626 blue LX, with all the power features including headlight washers. The body is all restored and working on the interior. A gem among the 84 RX7 and 88 323 GTX AWD that I have restored as well.

    I have too many project cars and possibly looking to sell to the right person. The vehicle is located in Vancouver, Canada if interested. Drop a line on this thread and I will check once in a while.

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