Happy 620 Day from JNC

Hey guys, let’s all take our Datsun 620 pickups to the beach and not worry about splashing salt water into every crevice. Happy Datsun 620 Day from JNC!


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3 Responses to Happy 620 Day from JNC

  1. Nigel says:

    Happy 620 day !!

  2. Joe Hornberger says:

    The truck in the photo looks like my dad’s old truck he had in the mid-eighties.

    Happy 620 day, keep ’em running!

  3. Don Scott says:

    I had a 620. Great truck, but the front drum brakes weren’t very good as it would pull to one side or the other, depending on the way the wind was blowing. Replaced it with a Mazda B2600i in 1992.

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