Happy 510 Day from JNC!

Happy 510 day! Forty-eight years ago John Morton and Brock Racing Enterprises took their first of two consecutive SCCA Trans-Am Two-Five Challenge titles. Other worthy competitors included Mike Downs, Bobby Allison, Bob Sharp, Walt Maas, Jim Fitzgerald, Sam Posey, Peter Gregg, Herschel McGriff, Lothar Stahlberg, Dave Madison, John Meskauskas, Corky Bell, George Algerman, Gary Witzenberg, Bob Stevens, Bob Finn (car pictured), and many more. Never again will we see a more worthy line-up of small bore sedans.

We celebrated 510 day prematurely last weekend with a vintage race at the SVRA Trans-Am Speedfest in the JNC 510 vintage racer.

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  1. Ricky says:

    Awesome post as always Glenn!

    It is quite incredible to think that these numerous successful and brilliant individuals who have become known for their prowess behind the wheel of other famous Marques, to those that have authored seminal books on certain Marques and innovators in the automotive performance and engineering as well as many other fields each have each an intristic connection to one model of car that they all raced (And admired) at one time or another. Mostly because of its engineering and outstanding performance that the Nissan engineers and designers bestowed upon it. Happy 510 day!

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