Happy 510 Day from JNC

Happy 510 Day from JNC! What’s your favorite 510 memory? Ours was probably the time we spotted a stupendous BRE tribute on the streets of Monterey, which was second only to the time we posed glamorously by an SSS Coupe on the beach.

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6 Responses to Happy 510 Day from JNC

  1. Eric P says:

    Happy 510 day!

  2. Jim Simspson says:

    A real shame we did not get the SSS in the USA… such a handsome car…

  3. Nigel says:

    Happy 510 day everyone !!

  4. Samuel Ace says:

    Happy 510 day.?

  5. The Fish Called Wanda says:

    What the world needs now…is bell bottoms, sweet bell bottoms.
    Seriously, where can I order those pants?

    Oh, pretty car too.

  6. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    What’s a better way to “get” a cool car that you can’t have than to talk your dad into one. My dad was looking to get something that he could haul a few more things than a Datsun sedan so I talked him into a 510 Wagon. Awesome car! I even repainted it for him in the original white. He drove that thing everywhere including down the entire west coast for one of his adventures. Oh yeah, he loved it too!

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