Happy 510 Day from JNC

Nissan introduced the Bluebird 510 in 1967. Here’s to killing giants for half a century. Happy 510 Day from JNC!

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5 Responses to Happy 510 Day from JNC

  1. Matchthebox says:

    Even though our family never own the 510, I really like the look as I do appreciate the nostalgic Datsun design since my family, kins and friend had own one Datsun or the other like Cedric, 640 and 512.

  2. PDXBryan says:

    I can’t believe it! After winning your best comment award for why we should have more parts support for 510s – I missed 510 day! 100 lashes!

  3. pete240z says:

    When I was a kid my neighbor’s wife worked for one of the Datsun parts warehouse in one of the Chicago suburbs (Aurora?). He had a 1972 orange 2 door 510 he parked outside and I always walked by it going to the high school bus. When 1980 hit I bought a Datsun 310GX (???) and had fallen in love with that 510.

    One night my dad picked up two Datsun Posters mounted on foam board out of his garbage and hung them in his garage – one is the Peter Brock Atlanta 240Z race car and the other is the Datsun 510 Baja poster. They still hang in my garage and I look at them all the time.


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