Happy 4×4 Day from JNC

Today is 4×4 Day (April 4, or 4/4), and incidentally it was reported that the Toyota Land Cruiser J70 was returning to the Japanese market as a 3-Number class vehicle. These numbers, the smaller digits on top of Japanese license plates, denote the tax classification for road vehicles, and a number beginning with “3” is for larger passenger vehicles. Back in 2014 when the 70-Series returned to the Japanese market with a 4.2-liter gasoline engine it was classified as a 1-Number vehicle, the designation for commercial vehicles. Registration fees cost ¥16,000 per year, but would have been as high as ¥76,500 if it had been classified as a 3-Number passenger vehicle. With the upcoming 2.8-liter diesel, the only engine available, it’ll cost ¥51,000. Still, the off-road boom has spread to Japan as well, and the J70 is expected to sell briskly.

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