Happy 4th of July from JNC


Every four years citizens of the world gather around their TV screens to cheer their countrymen on as they compete in sports contests Americans otherwise don’t give two petrified turds about. Of course, we’re talking about the Olympics. For over a decade starting in 1976, Subaru sponsored the US Ski Team, decking out a fleet of all-wheel-drive wagons in a patriotic red-white-blue livery. Some years, they even had the tagline “Subaru. An American Company.”

At the time, Subaru was the only import automaker publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. That changed in 1990, but it was true when this 1987 GL shuttled American skiers to mountaintops across North America. Some of these wagons were apparently sold to the public, but no one knows how many. Needless to say, they are very, very rare.  If you’re lucky enough to have one feel free to shout, “USA, USA, USA!” while driving it around this weekend.

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2 Responses to Happy 4th of July from JNC

  1. Ryan Senensky says:

    MAN I WISH I HAD ONE WITH THAT LIVERY! Mine is Just grey. usa… usa… u..s..*sigh*

  2. Dave says:

    I saw a plain Leone wagon the other day, 4WD and quite clean. I love these cars. Old Subarus have so much character.

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