Happy 311 Day from JNC

Before the famous BRE Datsun 510s and 240Zs, there was the Datsun Roadster. This is the actual, restored car driven by Frank Monise. As the story goes, when asked why he hired Monise, Peter Brock said, “Because he kept beating me.” Happy 311 Day!

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3 Responses to Happy 311 Day from JNC

  1. BlitzPig says:

    The 2000 Roadster is one of the few cars that would make me think about replacing my Triumph TR3.

  2. george says:

    good day to you all I have a Datsun 240c 1974 coupe cedric I am told I am looking for spares can anyone help me find spares I thank you I am from zambia

  3. pete240z says:

    I was at this show – There is also a picture of me talking to Les Canaday next to these cars – it was a really fun day.

    Tan shorts, tan shirt, red baseball cap with camera – sweating Les about the details.


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