Happy 117 Day to all the Isuzu faithful

Today is January 17, or World Isuzu 117 Day. That’s probably not a real holiday, but it should be. Celebrate with a tour across Japan in a 117, or a visit to a 117 specialist shop. There aren’t enough holidays celebrating Isuzus on the calendar!

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5 Responses to Happy 117 Day to all the Isuzu faithful

  1. JAMAL MANSOUR says:

    Nice…I saw green one in jccs13.That was NICE!
    When is the Kenmeri Holiday?

  2. Power Tryp says:

    Happy 117 day. This makes me wonder what Nakazoto has been up to since his move…

  3. nlpnt says:

    LUV it! And remember to I-Mark the full Spectrum of Isuzu products, because they sure have Stylus, even though it’s Axiom-atic that they’re so forgotten the name hardly rings a Bellett these days. I hope we’re still Amigos after I kicked up this Storm of puns, it was just an Impulse.

  4. JB21 says:

    It used to be our family car. My dad loved 117 so much that he had three of them, the last of which we sold just a few years ago after my parents decided that one car is enough. My sister learned to drive in it, I used it every time I visited them in Japan. I miss 117 Coupé, it was always part of our family.

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