GT-R Pants!! They’re GT-R…..PANTS!

150_label.JPGAges ago we shone a light onto a JDM clothing label which had a lot of hot rod influences, mixed in with cool old school JDM car touches. It was Samurai Motor Club. But checking their website today, we find that they have a special on their latest creation in soft indigo denim: the SM5000 GT-R!

Not cheap at A$260 a pair, but full of cool touches like pocket linings with old JDM cars on them.



230_full.JPG You may not be able to afford a real GT-R….but hey, at least you can wear the pants!

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1 Response to GT-R Pants!! They’re GT-R…..PANTS!

  1. 31GUN says:

    Where the hell do you find this stuff Kev?
    Gotta admit, it’s hugely entertaining though!


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