grandJDM wallpaper, at last!


Well folks, here’s our very first wallpaper. The model that was gracious enough to pose for us, is Lachy’s C110 GT-R replica. We’d love to know what you think of it, so shoot us an email with your comments, or comment on it in this post. It’s available in 1280×1024 and 1024×768. We’re hoping to offer larger resolutions for future wallpapers.

Head over to the Downloads section to grab it!

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3 Responses to grandJDM wallpaper, at last!

  1. importjap says:

    Helloooo new desktop!

  2. tk says:

    would be nice to have some widescreen resolutions. like 1440 x 900…

  3. rupewrecht says:

    widescreen x2

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