GRAND TOURING: New use for a Toyota Hiace

004-2612s_Honda S800 in Toyota Hiace

The Honda S800 has been a great steed for Grand Touring, but it’s going off to get a tear down to look at some possible valve clearance issues. Who needs a flatbed?

Instead, a high-roof H200 Toyota Hiace will accommodate with millimeters to spare.

We got somewhat of a size comparison last year when we took the S800 on a late night Tokyo run. The mirrors were a tight fit, the widest point on the car. A flat loading floor helps too. The ramps even slide under the car for storage.

It’s off to look at some possible valve clearance issues, perhaps caused by excessive oiling due to worn rings. With the valves possibly carrying carbon deposits they are not closing fully (valve clearances approaching 1mm vs the spec 0.18 to 0.22mm) there’s a possibility of valve collision. Not good at 10,000 rpm!

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9 Responses to GRAND TOURING: New use for a Toyota Hiace

  1. Jon says:

    U-S… I mean J-A-P-A-N!

  2. Nigel says:

    Very cool. Carried my wifes dresser in my old 89′ Civic hatch one year.
    (The Hiace has got a bit of race transporter vibe).

  3. cinematic creatv says:

    fits just like a glove

  4. Louis Fong says:

    Well, this is the wide body high roof version. It probably won’t fit if it’s the low roof narrow body version Hiace like they sold here in my country. 😛

  5. jivecom says:

    I bet that changed the Hiace’s driving dynamics quite substantially!

  6. Wagoneer says:

    That is just sick with extra helpings of sick on top!! I still don’t know why Toyota only offer that version of the Hi-Ace in Asia and Africa. I would love one of these vans here in Denmark.

  7. Randy says:

    Now that’s just cool!

    I remember back when, joking that you could put a Civic in the trunk “as a spare…”

    Think the designers had this in mind? Would be a phenomenal ad!

  8. Alan says:

    Don’t panic brake!

  9. Joe Gomez says:

    That’s probably lighter than 15 fat passengers LOL!

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