Got a few hours to kill on JDM websites?

The Japanese Society of Automotive Engineers is a huge organisation with over 40,000 members. It’s been going for over 50yrs and if you want to join, you have to be working in the automotive field. Cruise through JSAE’s website and you’ll find lots of info on engineering and stuff.

But one of the more interesting things on JSAE’s site is its article on the top 240 landmarks of Japanese auto engineering.

…the JSAE guys haven’t gotten around to uploading all 240 landmarks on the English site, but the listing of all the significant Japanese cars is complete, from 1907 to 2006. In it, you’ll find a brief description and specifications of each model. Ever wondered what the wheelbase on a 1960 Mitsubishi 500 A10 was? Well, now you can find out.

Not all 240 landmarks are cars: some are individual bits of cool tech like the antilock brakes on the 1971 Nissan President. Sadly, the English section isn’t finished yet and the links don’t work. If you’re feeling adventurous you can try the Japanese site (what the heck is Toyota Crown Auto Drive and Nissan Drive Guide anyway).

Nevertheless, this is maybe the most accessible online resource for obscure old JDM rides you will find anywhere! Get clicking!

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  1. koich says:

    Toyota Crown Auto Drive was a cruise control device, and the Nissan Drive Guide was sort of a navi, minus the map. Gave you a compas direction and distance left to your destination. Says that it used a compas and a “micro computer”, but I doubt it was accurate. lol

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