Goo-Net! Hours of Fun for the Whole (JDM) Family

So. You are aware of Yahoo Auctions and you know of a few classic car dealership websites in Japan. But what if you want to cast your net even wider? What if there was a website, that was in English, that allowed you access to for-sale ads for hundreds of thousands of cars in Japan?

Well there is such a thing. It’s called Goo-Net.

First you click on the “English” link:

Then select the make, and then the area of Japan you want to search, and presto! You can now narrow your search into specific models.

Goo-net is a great resource for tracking down a classic car, since lots of JDM classic dealers will advertise on it.

The database is huge, so if you ever wondered what a Nissan Pao retails for, then this is a pretty easy way to find out (answer: about US$1500)

And occasionally you find something really, really cool. Like this Z432 (ie: beyond rare) below:

($90,000 if you had to ask). And even if you’re not really going to call up your friendly neighbourhood JDM car broker and ask him to buy one for you, hey, it’s free to browse!

Happy clicking guys! And don’t forget to post links to anything really cool or interesting you find!

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13 Responses to Goo-Net! Hours of Fun for the Whole (JDM) Family

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:

    Great stuff!

  2. J.Ramirez (zetozeto99) says:

    I love that red Z! That thing is pure sex on wheels!

  3. Kimico says:


  4. SrfairladyZ says:

    Woah, was that Z31 for me? I’m the guy always bitching on here how under appreciated they are. And $90K for a Z432? I thought for some reason they would be a bit more.

  5. Tom says:

    Awesome, I’ve been looking around yahoo auctions for a few years no, this is one more thing to kill time with. Maybe someday I will really import a car. Good find.

  6. zulu says:

    looks sweet. ill add this to my random browsing of japanese cars for sale

  7. Kev says:

    Here’s a rare find…roadster version of the Alfa Romeo SZ Zagato “Mostro”. Not expensive either, but shame it’s LHD and too new to be imported to Australia as a classic car.

    Oh BTW for some reason the Japanese-language version of Goo-Net has more manufacturer categories than the English one…so if the manufacturer (eg bentley) is not on the English list, then go to the Japanese site and just try your luck in the search bar.

  8. LarryW says:

    Z31’s rock.

    Anyways, this might be off topic, but I was wondering what happened to the Skyline project car that was on Grand JDM. Have I just not seen it? Is it in the forums (which I don’t check out much)? I loved reading about it on the old site.

  9. joe says:

    oooo the hours i have spent on there, thanks jnc haha

  10. Gregg Larsen says:

    Hello. I have a classic car in the US that I would like to post for sale in Japan. I sent an inquiry to Goo-Net and I’m awaiting their reply. Is there a better place for such a posting? The vehicle is a 1962 Lotus 7A America. It’s right hand drive. I’m the second owner. It was never a race car. It has all original parts including engine, transmission, and differential. I will post more details on whichever site is best for such a posting. Thanks.

  11. Gregg Larsen says:

    I didn’t realize this was such an old thread!!

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