Golden A30 Gloria

As if a slammed tateguro didn’t look suspicious enough, this one likes to hang around at the docks. What nefarious goods does it smuggle in that lengthy trunk? Just looking at this A30 Nissan Gloria makes you expect Sgt Daimon to come speeding around the corner, shotgun cocked.


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7 Responses to Golden A30 Gloria

  1. Eljay says:

    There is something so deliciously villainous about low riding large Japanese saloons. Even a goody-goody like me could pull off some serious bad boy pretensions in a car like that. 😉

  2. Nigel says:

    Looks like a Pontiac.
    (I would still drive it).

  3. slickwrick says:

    dayummm!!!!! i want that! just gorgeous!

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