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Lately I’ve gotten crazy for model cars, after the stupid night I spent turning my desktop scanner into a diorama. When a buddy linked me to these RC cars, I wasn’t instantly blown away—until I saw the number of shells they’ve got based on classic JDM cars. Hot damn. C110, C10, S30Z, RX-3, ooooof.

I can just see myself showin’ up at an RC race day with one of these, when everyone else is decked out with R34 GT-R and FD RX-7 shells. Aw yeah, haha.

Check ’em out at ABC Hobby.

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3 Responses to Get Your Hobby On

  1. Organic Zero says:

    I remember seeing those once when i was looking out for pics of the Nissan Sunny Truck. They are pretty cool, too bad i expend all my Christmas monies already T__T

  2. LarryW says:

    As for plastic model cars, to see some really well done ones, I recommend here:

    In some of the pictures, you might even think they look real! That url is just for his Japanese cars, he also does many others.

  3. LarryW says:

    Oh yeah, he also does some modded old school models, which are really cool. They’re on that page. He’s even got 2 Z31’s!

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