MINICARS: How to get your blue Hot Wheels X JNC Datsun 620 this Saturday


Just a friendly reminder that the beautiful blue Hot Wheels X JNC Datsun 620 will be available this Saturday, February 15, at participating Kmart stores across the US. In fact, it will only be available at Kmart this weekend, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. 


The promotion is part of a special event known to collectors as “K Days.” Several times a year Mattel releases highly sought-after cars with exclusive colors to Kmart. This year our Li’l Hustler shares the honors with a white E30 BMW M3, purple Australian Ford Falcon XB, and brown Ford Raptor-esque truck called the Sandblaster.


Supplies are limited so collectors are advised to arrive early, even before 9:00 am when Kmart employees start putting the cars out. Each store does it a little differently, especially those that have collectors flocking. Some are first-come-first-serve, while others use a lottery system to see who gets first dibs. Here is a complete See the official Hot Wheels site for rules and a list of stores.

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34 Responses to MINICARS: How to get your blue Hot Wheels X JNC Datsun 620 this Saturday

  1. njccmd2002 says:

    yay, my store is there…

  2. cesariojpn says:

    Hawaii is not on there.

    **** Mattel. **** them.

  3. Kira says:

    i still cant find that red civc/crx 🙁

  4. Nigel says:

    No Kmarts here in Canada, so…I will continue my search.

  5. Gene says:

    No Kmarts here in the Philippines either, hence I shall commence the long wait. (Finally found a red EF civic, last one on display at a big mall here, unfortunately its an “error”, the “DOHC” logo is smidged.)

  6. J.A.C.K says:

    dammit, the closest kmart is like over 45 min away 🙁

  7. Rick says:

    dammit, the closest kmart is like over 3 day-driving away 🙁

  8. Dave says:

    Ugh. I’m moving Saturday, will probably not make it to this. Really wanted the blue one, too =( !

  9. kelly greenidge says:

    I’m not a Datsun guy but someone is willing to just buy one from me I would be willing to pick up a few depending on the price. My email is so just drop me a line.

  10. graveltrapp says:

    I will be hitting 2 different Kmarts, these Kday’s are insane, you have to fight with all the grumpy old guys and hope your number gets called or your looking at empty cases. If I score a few I will post and share. Fingers crossed.

  11. vrocsone says:

    So, these cars mentioned will never be available at other stores?

  12. av240 says:

    Damn the luck. Got to Kmart right at 9 and guess what store closed due to water main break. Friggin Polar Vortex!!!!

  13. Brandon says:

    Hot Wheels didn’t list the datsun on their site for this event. My K-mart didn’t have any by the time I got there if they ever did at all. =(

  14. E-AT_me says:

    I snagged 4 datsuns this morning. They should be released later in the year just like they did with the ae86. That said, I have two blue datsuns available!

  15. av240 says:

    JACKPOT!!!!!! No one goes to Kmart around here so I was able to snag up every 620 they had. 17 all together. I only want to keep 4 so if you want one I’d be happy to trade/sell. Not looking to make any money. This is supposed to be a community so I’m not gonna jack the price up. Just send me money to cover shipping and the $1.09 for the HotWheel. Zip code is 61525. To be fair 1 per person.
    BTW got a couple extra yellow and black 2000GT’s.

  16. Steven says:

    I picked up 6 at my local K-day

  17. fuel10922 says:

    Scored 6 today! If someone needs one hit me up and we can work something out.

  18. njccmd2002 says:

    wow, found 1 after 20 minutes at my kmart. why only one? who knows. Its not like kids are into this one..

  19. John says:

    No K-Marts here… 🙁

  20. Trevor Kasper says:

    I managed to score one.

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