Friday Video: Gachapin and Mukku Teach Kids about Gymkhana on Hirake! Ponkikki

The Japanese show Hirake! Ponkikki is a morning kids show akin to Sesame Street. The main characters are a green, adrenaline-junkie dinosaur named Gachapin and a red yeti named Mukku. In this episode, they visit Honda’s Twin Ring Motegi Circuit in Tochigi Prefecture. Then they proceed to teach impressionable children terms like gymkhana, slalom and spin turn as they burn off the tires of a Honda S2000. Afterwards the Mazda Porter Cab-looking muppet take a turn on the banked high-speed ring in an Integra Type R. You ain’t gonna see that kind of action in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

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11 Responses to Friday Video: Gachapin and Mukku Teach Kids about Gymkhana on Hirake! Ponkikki

  1. zulu says:

    isnt this a repost from like 2 years ago?

  2. Datsun-San says:

    Mazda Porter cab lol…

  3. Camshaft says:

    I haven’t even been able to watch the video (I’m at work) but I already know it’s the greatest thing I’ve seen all week.

  4. Brownie says:

    why can’t we get stuff like this when we were kids? 🙁

  5. vah! says:

    I would have loved to see Big Bird do this. I wonder how different it is to drive while wearing that suit and how well he/she can breathe in there.

    To the repost dislikers: Y’all don’t watch reruns?

  6. zulu says:

    i do watch reruns. just dont see the point in showing something that already has gotten coverage before ( in this case quite awhile back). the car scene should always try to keep things fresh. especially with the oldskools becuase theyve been around forever and they can get repetitive. if you dont have anything new to post then just dont post. my .02 cents

  7. h8r says:

    rerun is fine coz i haven’t seen this one yet

  8. Nigel says:

    In our culture many believe speed is unsafe.
    In Japan many believe if you can control the car at speed, then you will be safe in all driving conditions.
    Although Big Bird in an IMSA 280z would have been cool.

  9. Koich says:

    The Gymkhana teacher is Tetsuya Yamano, who is a friend of mine from highschool and college. Did you know he grew up in Torrance CA?

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