Full Hoon Fever

Under Australia’s anti-hoon laws have claimed their first victim. For those of us in North America perhaps unfamiliar with the inherently funny word, a hoon refers to a person prone to vehicular antics such as street racing, burnouts and aggressive driving.

Enacted last July, the laws give the authorities the right to permanently confiscate one’s car after three strikes. That’s right, permanently. And on Wednesday, Terrence Lord, a 43-year old man from Victoria was the first to have his ride locked up for all eternity. Mr. Lord’s weapon of choice? A blue 1980 Toyota Corona fastback.

Reports say that some of the charges against Mr. Lord include drunk driving, in which case we say throw the book at him, but please don’t hurt the car!

Unfortunately, articles by local media don’t reveal what will become of his nostalgic cop bait. We hope they will parade it around to set an example like American police forces did with the D.A.R.E. cars taken from drug dealers, or auction it off. We pray it’s not sent to the crusher.

The car shown isn’t of the actual hoon rocket, but a reasonable facsimile caught in the wild. Extremely eagle-eyed readers may recoginze this as the Alaskan Way, the start/finish street in Gran Turismo’s Seattle course, although this particular Corona appeared quite stationary.

If any of our Australian readers have a picture of this man’s car, please, please, please send it our way.


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