Friday Video: Vintage Japanese cars cold blown to smithereens

And now for something completely different, various clips from Japanese film and teevee, in which cars that are not Nissan Cedrics get blown to kingdom come. If you have a weak stomach for rare nostalgics — Centuries, hakosukas, kujira Crowns, or even an Isuzu Florian — going up in flames, it’s probably best to skip it and go on about your weekend. For the rest of you sadists, click on through to the video.

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11 Responses to Friday Video: Vintage Japanese cars cold blown to smithereens

  1. Brownie says:

    hard to stomach now, but back in those days they were aplenty. if you see a nostalgic done the same treatment today, now that hurts.

  2. Tyler says:

    They’re basically home movies too, with little to no sound editing, shaky cameras and whatnot. One would think if you’re going to blow up a car you should make it worthwhile.

  3. njccmd2002 says:

    i saw the movie 30 minutes or less, and they totaled a perfect fairlady, that made me feel sad

  4. eastwest6 says:

    Interesting that all the explosions sounded exactly the same whether it was a car, cement truck, barrel, house, or helicopter.

    Also interesting that the guy who dropped his motorcycle ran toward the explosion.

    Finally, interesting that the guy in the black car at the end decided to intermittently turn on his headlights while trading paint with the car next to him.

  5. Rolando Hernandez says:

    Love those videos. Tragic ending for those cars.

  6. 20B says:

    This is an exhibition of antisocial behavior. Only madmen can create this and enjoy it.

    Low lifes and antisocial tendencies, thanks to JNC !!! What an irony !!! LOL

  7. Jeff Koch says:

    What, no sadness for that poor Pontiac LeMans in the first 12 seconds or so?

  8. Jeff Koch says:

    This is like CHiPs, The A-Team, or Alarm Fur Cobra 11 from an alternate universe. Best of all is the exploding flower vase two minutes in!

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