Friday Video: Toyota Celica in Family Guy/Incredible Hulk

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is a non-photoshopped image of Stewie Griffin changing the tire on a 1971-72 Toyota Celica.

Why? Because in last Sunday’s episode of Family Guy, MacFarlane and company did a scene-by-scene remake of the opening of the 1977 TV series The Incredible Hulk with Stewie as David Banner. Here’s the scene from the original:

Anger management was never Bill Bixby’s strong suit, and he told those guys at Jiffy Lube to torque those lug nuts to spec instead of going hog wild an impact wrench… why doesn’t anyone liste—-aaaaarrrgh!

Lou Ferrigno smash!

In the Family Guy version, it’s Peter who flips the poor Celica down a ravine. What’s amazing to us is that the animators actually took care to draw a fairly accurate Celica.

Because a few seconds later In the explosion scene, a Datsun 280Z is replaced with a generic three-box kid’s sketch.

Watch the two openings below.

The Incredible Hulk TV Series – Intro ( Extended )
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10 Responses to Friday Video: Toyota Celica in Family Guy/Incredible Hulk

  1. banpei says:

    The Family Guy version can only be viewed from the United States. 🙁
    Lucky enough Youtube was able to help me out:

  2. Brad D. says:

    I am so glad I am not the only one that notices this stuff. I saw it on Sunday night and had to do the rewind on the dvr.

  3. OkieRA29 says:

    I believe that the animators were just lazy and that the second car is just the same celica again. If you freeze it around :40-:45 you will see the hood bulges and the corner lights of the celica as Tom Tucker runs from the explosion

  4. OkieRA29 says:

    It is exactly at :44 where you can see the celica front end. Lazy animators!!!

  5. Camshaft says:

    Lazy writers, too. Family Guy is painful to watch.

  6. Kevin Lee says:

    so much for non americans!

    Sorry, currently our video library can only be streamed from within the United States

  7. OkieRA29 says:

    Sorry, I forget that sarcasm doesn’t does translate on the internet… Doh! Early Family Guy and the Stars Wars stuff is fun. They are gonna have to bring in some new characters to make it fresh. Isn’t Brian like 60000 years old in dog years?

  8. nlpnt says:

    It’s that whole cartoon non-aging thing; Meg and whatshisname have been in high school since the late ’90s, too.

    I thought it was clever when they wanted Brian to be able to drive and they gave him a Prius; not only does the dog drive his own car, but it’s (to that point) the only recognizable make and model in the show.
    Since then, of course, they’ve done these things and Peter’s boxy station wagon has gradually resolved into an ’80s Ford.

  9. Nigel says:

    I don’t remember Saturday morning cartoons having this kind of detail so the animators aren’t that lazy. As I recall the only ones that had good detail are Japanese or European.

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