Friday Video: This Nissan Cedric Hates Bicyclists

A suspect attempts to slink away just as our heros from the Western Division arrive on the scene. Too late, he’s made. Nothing left to do but wheel that Cedric like it’s your ticket to salvation. Oh, an plow over a dozen bicycles in the process. Just another day in Seibu Keisatsu-land. Watch the video below the fold. 

The action starts at 11:00

And continues in this clip.

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3 Responses to Friday Video: This Nissan Cedric Hates Bicyclists

  1. banpei says:

    Yay! I spotted at least three Carina A60s! 🙂

    And I wonder how many times they goofed up the exit at 14:20. The roadsign is a bit bended… 😛

  2. Drive510 says:

    Seibu Keisastu always had a love affair with classic Japanese cars.

  3. Ryuji says:

    was that a 240Z “flying” across the river?

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