Friday Video: The New Hachiroku in Motion

UPDATE: For those who want race tracks and engine sounds, here’s the pornographic BRZ GT300 video that was just released.

You knew it was coming. We close out a week of neo-hachiroku coverage with a trio of videos that show what the car looks like in motion. When was the last time you saw an official ToMoCo video that featured street racing and drifting? You can also download an official Toyota 86 ringtone.

If the first one was a bit too computery for you, here’s Fuji Heavy’s take, with a real Subaru BRZ in action.

And finally, the obligatory Gran Turismo 5 replays. We will return to our regularly scheduled nostalgic coverage next week.

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15 Responses to Friday Video: The New Hachiroku in Motion

  1. Yonzie says:

    That first video was probably the shittiest car ad I’ve ever seen. Starts off with 30 seconds of nothing, and does not give you a proper look at the car, as the camera cuts five times per second. At least they added engine noise, but it’s a constant drone, or a deceleration. Not sporty at all! Seriously, Toyota?
    The Subaru clip wasn’t very interesting, but by comparison it was art.

    • Tyler says:

      The second would be great if they had adjusted the levels- the “black” needs to be a lot darker.

      Either way the Subaru video REALLY makes me want one. Bad. Springs and tail lights and I’m set.

  2. E-AT_me says:

    wait wait wait a minute…. why do i see a starter button in the first video??. not amused. don’t like it anymore..

    • Toy_yoda says:

      What is it about “push to start” that scares everyone, haha!

      For those of you who didnt see it in yesterdays article, the Scion version will be key ignition. Your welcome, Purists!…

      • E-AT_me says:

        it’s not “scary”. after honda did it first in the s2k, it’s just kind of stupid. much like altezza tail lights. i mean, the whole reason it was done on the S2k was to evoke that “racecar” type feeling, as that’s how most racecars are started.. but on a prius? a lexus? come on… the only good thing i see is that i guess it would eliminate the iginition switch failure. now it’s just a button. hehee.

  3. derek says:

    yeah i will be kind of disappointed if they have the press release saying down to basics and no electric start/manumatic bs and then see it in a show with all this stuff..

  4. Lupus says:

    The 1st vid is stunning. It looks Inintial D style in Wangan MIndnight sourrundings. Music is also faboulous.
    The 2nd vid is more old school, fantastic mood.
    The vid from GT5 rocks, i need to step up from GT4 and buy me the PS3 at last 😉 Is the music from 3rd vid the original score from the game? Is it made by Daiki Kasho like previously?

  5. $EX¥_HAMMER says:

    “When was the last time you saw an official ToMoCo video that featured street racing and drifting?”

    How about the lame Scion ad for the TC where a *rendered* car like this one “drifts” around a futuristic freeway onramp? As a matter of fact, Toyota and its subsidiary company seem to have gotten pretty good at pumping up their commercials with mind-numbing techno, seizure-inducing flashing lights and edgy graphics and absolutely nothing of value when it comes to the actual car.

    Here’s a suggestion to the schmucks behind the marketing on this thing: Take a production model around a test track. Let’s hear the engine start up and rev, get a few good shots of the thing going around corners from stationary cameras on the edge of the track, a couple shots from inside the cockpit and from a chase car, then for fun throw it across the skid pad a couple times.

    All of this hype from the “teaser trailers,” the blog coverage ad nauseum from the gimmicky events and the super-edited press kit photos are giving this thing an aura of SEMA meets HIN meets NOPI that wasn’t that cool 10 years ago; it’s not any better now. Anyone ACTUALLY buying this car didn’t base their decision on flashy marketing campaigns and spokesmodels in tight pants.

  6. GEN2TWINCAM says:

    OK. Now let’s get back to Japanese Nostalgic Cars.
    I need my fix.

  7. mister k says:

    anagram: brz = bzr (buzzer)

  8. Jun says:

    BRZ 300 is pure sex. Absolutely astonishing in person!

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