Friday Video: TE71 Corolla Levin vs. S30 Fairlady Z

We have absolutely no idea what movie or TV show this car chase is from, but at least the scene isn’t dominated by the marque that forked over the most sponsorship yen. The main cars are a TE71 Corolla Levin versus a 2+2 Fairlady Z, with a ton of random nostalgic goodness in the background. Who will win?

Thanks to cesariojpn for the tip!

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15 Responses to Friday Video: TE71 Corolla Levin vs. S30 Fairlady Z

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:

    Well,that’s certainly vastly preferable to car chases in american movies with a bunch of Caprices and Crown Vics wobbling about like Jabba the Hut on a trampoline! πŸ˜€

  2. bert says:

    What!!!!!!!!!! Does she shoot him or not? Does he run her over? I sure hope not, women cops in car chases are hot! Seeing that Corolla being thrown around like that was pretty cool though.

  3. cesariojpn says:

    What does the sticker on the splitter on the Levin say?

  4. kingtoy says:

    Damn that was sweet, thats Corolla rocks. With the shape of the car, red light and the headlights on the in the chase, very Mad Max.

  5. slickwrick says:

    that was awesome!!

    is there anything they cant do!!!!

  6. Bob says:

    That was intense. I wonder what goes down next?

    And what was that front lip on that Corolla? It looked perfect on there. Damn.

  7. Sic Punto 8 says:

    Wow that was very entertaining, But she had a gun the whole time! she should’ve shot his ass before the Corolla got destroyed!….women lol

    Thanks for the video! Toyota>Datsun

  8. olskoolae71 says:

    The front lip looks to say “ESSENTIAL” to me. Same with the lettering down the side skirts.

  9. Lincoln Stax says:

    That’s Lupin III. As far as I know, there was only one live action movie, called Strange Psychokinetic Strategy. But that Corolla is newer than ’74, so there must be more live action than I’m aware of? Here’s the babelfish translation from the youtube page: “When the car chase scene which comes out be possible to be [rupan] three world is done with real, it probably is such feeling? perhaps near (from metro east west line west Kasai station εŸ‹η«‹ area of south side) Tokyo Edogawa Ku seaside town”

  10. Jimbo says:

    She must have been chasing him because his left brake light was out. Also, I wonder what our LA thugs would think of that woman with her little gun in a Corolla chasing them?

  11. Slappy says:

    Hahaha, there was no traffic on the right lane but yet they felt the need to ride the wall, i love old car movies!

  12. jose says:

    Japanese Bullitt?

  13. robakun says:

    No that is not Lupin III. it says Lupin III “type” car chase. She says ” get out Yuki” as the very end and there is no Yuki in Lupin III. But I have no idea what that was from either… Either way fun stuff!

  14. coupez600 says:

    @ Slappy: Maybe the chasee was thinking, “Well, if I get caught I’ll be in jail a while, so I might as well have some fun!”, and the chaser was thinking, “Wooo Hooo! Is there anything this Guv’ment Property won’t do!?!?!”. Looks like fun even without any traffic!

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