Friday Video: Seizure-inducing onslaught of vintage photos is an Isuzu ad, surprisingly

Out of all the Japanese automakers we’d vote Isuzu, hands down, as the marque least likely scour the attic for a heritage hyping infodump of family photos in the name of advertising. Sure we’ve seen history-laden campaigns from the likes of Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and Subaru, but Isuzu?

Most Americans would be hard pressed to name even three classic Isuzus, but when your automaking empire stretches all the way back to 1916 your picture album’s going to be full of 117s, Belletts, trucks, buses, and Piazzas. And yes, Isuzu cars are technically no longer sold in the US but can we not still enjoy this nostalgia trip from Australia for something called the D-Max?

If that was too fast for ya, here’s the slow-mo version:

Thanks to F3ARED for the tip!

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15 Responses to Friday Video: Seizure-inducing onslaught of vintage photos is an Isuzu ad, surprisingly

  1. Tyler says:

    Very nice. I wish they were JPGs though so I wouldn’t have to screencap to save em. Any help with some of the models? On the slow-mo, 1:11, 1:21, 1:24 , background at 1:44, 2:05 and the snow cat thing for instance. Thanks in advance 🙂

    Also I “Luv” those design sketches. Wish companies would let us see more vintage design work.

  2. Carl Beck says:

    “…..but when your automaking empire stretches all the way back to 1916”

    1916 ? Are you talking about DAT Motors? Or Wolseley Trucks… or what?

    • Lincoln Stax says:

      In 1916 Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding and Engineering Co., Ltd. and Tokyo Gas and Electric Industrial Co. decided to build cars together. That was the beginning of Isuzu.

      • Carl Beck says:

        Hi Lincoln:
        Yamamoto Soji, wrote in the book “William R. Gorham An American Engineer In Japan”; “With the establishment in Showa 8 {1933} of the Nissan Motor Company, the Japanese automobile industry made rapid progress. In Showa 10 {1935}, Toyota Motors completed the first Toyota truck and in Showa 12 {1937}, the Tokyo Jidosha Kogyo {Tokyo Automotive Industries} was born because of a merger between the Japan Automobile Industry Company and the Tokyo Gas and Electric Company. This is what is presently {1949} known as the Isuzu Jidosha KK / Isuzu Motor Company”

        In my research notes from several years ago – I have Ishikawajima Car Works Company {Ishikawajima Jidosha Seisakujo KK} starting in 1924 to build copies of the British Wolsely Car and Truck. Then being merged along with Tokyo Gas & Electric {Tokyo Gasu Denki Kogyo} in 1937 to form Tokyo Automotive Industries {Tokyo Jidosha Kogyo KK}. Which continued the production of trucks for the military. I believe that the Truck production from DAT Motors was also included in that consolidation. The Automotive production and sales division of DAT Motors having been sold to what would become Nissan Motors.

        I don’t find any evidence that Ishikawajima Car Works nor Tokyo Gas & Electric were building cars in 1916.

  3. Lincoln Stax says:

    I’m glad someone supplied a slo-mo version of that ad because the original was nearly seizure-inducing.

    “And yes, Isuzu cars are technically no longer sold in the US” There’s nothing technical about it. They don’t sell cars in the US or anywhere else. It saddens me that they decided to abandon the car market roughly 20 years ago. GM was not good to Isuzu.

    • Ben says:

      Quite right, I guess I was counting pickups as cars as opposed to big ass COE box trucks. Sadlly, even the D-Max isn’t truly an Isuzu but a rebadged GM of some sort.

      Saab is another one that breaks my heart.

      • Lincoln Stax says:

        Oh man, don’t even get me started about what GM did to Saab.

      • F3ARED says:

        Sorry ben, but the Dmax is actually Isuzu-through-and-through 😉

        It traces its lineage back to the “Chevy” Luv, which was always a rebadged isuzu pick up, likewise the current model – developed, designed and solely powered by Isuzu.

        The new generation thats slated for release in the next few months is the same deal – solely designed and developed by Isuzu, new nose/badges for Chev branded models [i believe itll be called Colarado in the states as well]. Difference this time though, Isuzu is no longer giving GM access to their engines so the “chev” models will now be powered by Cummins engines.

        Its good living in Australia where we can still get them =]

      • Ben says:

        I’m glad I’m wrong! Otherwise this ad campaign would ring a bit false, like Saab’s “Born from Jets” for the GM-derived 9-7X SUV.

  4. Killua says:

    That was awesome, but it really needed more Geminis.

  5. Bart says:

    Glad to see more Isuzu nostalgia on here. My Impulse (Piazza) restoration project is almost complete. I am just approaching 1.5 years of it being down so it is about time!!

    Also just picked up a decent 1989 Isuzu Trooper RS SWB 2dr (very rare in the USA) and a full restore will follow!!

    Check out my blog here:

  6. Union76 - Mike says:

    More to the point – where did all these old great Pics come from, there would have to be more, no?

    More old skool Isuzu Pics please.

  7. LTDScott says:

    Hey look, a Tomica toy!

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