Friday Video: Nissan Cedric vs. Isuzu Elf

How do you stop a steamrollin’ Isuzu Elf with just a standard-issue unmarked Nissan Cedric? With aviator shades, driving and bullets!

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4 Responses to Friday Video: Nissan Cedric vs. Isuzu Elf

  1. mister k says:

    hold it! hold it! hold everything … they changed cedrics midway in the chase … did anybody else catch that (or care) hahaha

  2. coupeZ600 says:

    And don’t try and take out a truck by banging into the steers (front-axle). Jam it right behind the drivers (drive axle) and be ready to bail!

    The rotation of the wheels will pull the front end of your car right up over the top of the drive wheels and stop the rig right quick. Hopefully you’ve made a handsome escape by then!

  3. Jake says:

    I assume the chase ended with a huge crash/explosion?! Looks like a change from his usual blocking the escape and shooting the driver!

  4. Ben says:

    Thanks for the tip, coupeZ600. I’m sure it’ll come in handy some day 🙂

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