Friday Video: Nissan Cedric 330 vs Jeep

Nothing goes together like a funk bass and car chases. Seibu Keisatsu has been known to pit its various Nissan products against Detroit iron before, often to disastrous effect. This time, the Nissan Cedric 330 puts up an admirable off-road fight against a Jeep. It’s hard to imagine a modern mid-size sedan taking this much abuse without immediate spraining of control rods. Unfortunately, plot devices require more action after the commercial break, so the good guys couldn’t call a Nissan Patrol out of the arsenal. Watch the video below the fold.

Hat tip to cesariojpn.

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7 Responses to Friday Video: Nissan Cedric 330 vs Jeep

  1. E-AT_me says:

    i couldn’t help but screaming “get some!” when the cedric was climbing that first hill..

  2. Kevin Lee says:

    it be hard for that jeep to be bumped off by the cedric, lol, they need a nissan patrol for sure

  3. Toni says:

    Crown Vic…what?

  4. Roof Racks says:

    Oops I am scared to see the climbing hill portion of the video! Nissan is known for its best engine drives than any other. However, the clip is good one!

  5. KC30 says:

    It’s possible it may not be detroit iron… Mitsubishi bought the rights to build Jeeps in ’53. Though it does look like it’s the US manufacture model.

  6. pinto says:

    Japanese duke of hazard

  7. camaro says:

    What did they expect? Im surprised that landyacht of a Cedric could manage the terrain and the river.
    Also, notice how the hubcaps on the cedric vanish between shots

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