Friday Video: Mitsubishi Colt Targa in Armor of God

Twenty-five years ago the film Armour of God broke the following things: Hong Kong’s box office records, a tree in Yugoslavia, and, in a stunt gone awry, Jackie Chan‘s skull. Chan was rushed to the hospital to remove a fragment of said skull from his brain. Fortunately, he survived to bring us this thrilling chase involving a built-for-the-movie Mitsubishi Colt that looks like the mutant love child between a Dome Zero and an AW11 MR2. The film also breaks many Pajeros and any semblance of reality once the Colt’s “Twin Turbo” button is invoked, all leading up to a surprise Batmobile-like finale. Where can we get that option? Also note that the letters spelling “MITSUBISHI” across the spoiler gap are actually molded.

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10 Responses to Friday Video: Mitsubishi Colt Targa in Armor of God

  1. E-AT_me says:

    red starion cameo!! 😀

  2. Lupus says:

    The stunts in old Jackie Chan’s movies are juzst insane. 😉 Lookin from today, they defenetly dit not heard about “safaty” 😀 But afteall it look amazingly cool. I’am 1 year older then this movie ;D

  3. cesariojpn says:

    I don’t remember this in Operation Condor.

  4. Datsun310GX says:

    @Lupus-Really? From your spelling/grammar, it seems you’re 12.

  5. kpgc10 says:

    Hey this was filmed in Zagreb!Im from this city! :)Good old Yugoslavia times 😀
    B) Feels so unique right now!

  6. Tony says:

    Watch movies with Jackie Chan, tons of rare and concept japan cars there!!!!

  7. lupe says:

    1:52 red starion represent

  8. nlpnt says:

    Molded letters? But that’ll make it harder to replace with “COLT (imported for Dodge)”

  9. Rotary_lover89 says:

    The Armor of God was the First Operation Condor film titled “The Armor of God” (’87). Jackie then made the film Armor of God II:Operation Condor (91) keeping the Character and name Jackie Condor aka Asian Hawk.

  10. Kevin Truong says:

    That was some serious old skool stunt driving there! He’s done a lot more movies that had some crazy driving scenes. Considering they were old skool, I’d bet a lot of those stunts were done by Jackie himself. Don’t think there were stunt doubles or super crazy CGI effects lolz.

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