Friday Video: Mazda Story – The Challengers

Mazda released a video this week called “The Mazda Story – The Challengers”, which is all about Hiroshima pride. You can see glimpses of the Genbaku Dome (the only building to survive the A-bomb) and glimpses of the Mazda Museum. If you ever find yourself in Hiroshima, both sights are highly recommended. The Mazda museum and factory tour is free, though it’s unlikely they’ll let you paw a Cosmo Sport like the kids in this video.

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2 Responses to Friday Video: Mazda Story – The Challengers

  1. Kevin Lee says:

    yeah i saw this today, to the spirit of hiroshima!

  2. Dave Felter says:

    Excellent tribute to the good people and visionary spirit of the great people of Japan!

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