Friday Video: Liberty Walk’s Boso Roots

We first caught up with JDM tuning house Liberty Walk a couple of years ago at SEMA when we saw their catalog for the mini-hako. Sadly, it wasn’t on hand because LB was there to promote their main business of modding imports, which in Japan means Chryslers and Lamborghinis.

As with the RWB Porsche craze, gaijin are now interested in LB head honcho Wataru Kato, and part one of this video series by Luke Huxman showed off his Lambos. But who cares about that, because part two steps into Kato-san’s barn to see where his passion for cars began. You guessed it — this cat is an old school fiend, with a treasure trove of Skylines, Fairlady Zs, bikes, and a wickedly subversive police-themed yonmeri zokusha.

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7 Responses to Friday Video: Liberty Walk’s Boso Roots

  1. JUNN says:

    Awesome. Would love to see rolling footage of any of those cars

  2. Highway_Dancer says:

    The police car is just brilliant!

  3. idhuy says:

    Nice video!

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  4. Tyler says:

    The police car is awesome.

  5. slade says:

    His passion and positivity is something that our hater filled community of tuning in north america is lacking.Beautiful cars and a great attitude.That guy is truly killing it.

  6. jun says:

    The way it should be.

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