Friday Video: Kyushakai Drifters

toyota_soarer_yanki_shakotan2There’s been a recent spate of videos in which cars built with old school bosozoku style take on the decidedly new art of professional drifting. Take a gander at the exquisite airbrushed paint job, for example, captured at Ebisu by our friend Alexi at Nori Yaro. Moments later, the Toyota Soarer it belonged to went full-on sideways out on the track, putting those gorgeous matching SSR MkIIs in jeopardy.

Straight from the pages of Shakotan Boogie.

The control room is clean as well, none of the jutting metal and dangling wires found in most drift cars.

But wait, there’s more. Drift Tengoku Vol. 44 features a kyusha drift team. Soarers, X70 Mark IIs, and a JZX41 Chaser!

Baseball bats, external oil coolers, and sharknoses – these guys have it all, except for drifting skillz. Luckily, Riverside found these vids of the Chaser redeeming itself with a magnificent smoke show. Will this be the new direction of drift style?

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6 Responses to Friday Video: Kyushakai Drifters

  1. Nigel says:

    Maybe this will result in more education.
    A co-worker said he thought some of the car pictures on my office billboard were
    Monte Carlo’s. And he is older than me.

  2. Dan in Dubai says:

    Great videos, awesome drifting!!

  3. bert says:

    Bat: 5$ Bandana: 4$ fugly bodywork: 20$ Baby in the backseat: priceless!

    These things always remind me of Death Race 2000. Throw some old people in weelchairs on the track, and we’d have a morbid japanese remake!

  4. Nigel says:

    I do think a sharknose is better than a giant “bowieknife” out the front.

  5. Slappy says:

    Love it love it love it

  6. Drifting is something that will always be close to my heart. I used to own an S13 Silvia 200SX, with the CA18DET motor (Euro spec) that was modified to the hilt. This car I had for 8 years and I threw loads of cash at it. Loved it, and the loose rear made it a drifting delight.

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